Five Reasons Why Amish Furniture Is A Great Idea

Amish furniture, such as Amish dining room furniture, or Amish bedroom sets, Amish outdoor furniture or Amish custom furniture is thought to be the epitome of good furniture. It is this furniture that is much sought after; valued and prized by many who have a taste for the finer things in life. What is it that makes Amish furniture such as great idea? What are the characteristics that make it so desirable and attractive? Well there are
many reasons; here are just 5 of them:

Top Quality Raw Materials: The Amish generally use wood from slow growing deciduous trees. Hardwood sourced from Oak, walnut, maple, cherry is generally preferred because this is solid durable wood that literally lasts for a lifetime. The wood used is kiln dried, and then prepared; much of it then crafted into Amish custom furniture that precisely conforms to individual needs and requirements. Furniture makers these days typically use ply wood or particle board rather than actual solid wood to make furniture and this is one basic difference that sets apart Amish furniture.

Classic Designs: The Amish, though keeping attuned to contemporary requirements, choose designs that are classics in themselves. These are furniture styles that remain fresh for years, classics that never look dated or out of style. Because these are timeless designs they result in heirloom quality furniture, so that even your children will value being passed on these items of furniture!

No Short Cuts: Because this furniture, be it Amish outdoor furniture or Amish bedroom sets, is made the old fashioned way it is also built to last. There is none of the assembly line kind of furniture here. Instead each piece is made by hand using old fashioned methods that include time honored traditional methods. Amish custom furniture is known for its special, subtle joinery that gives it the distinctive look as well as imparts its strength and durability. This is furniture made one piece at a time, and the unhurried attention to detail shows through in the finished product.

Made At Home: Amish furniture is proudly ‘Made in America’. It is not the cheap mass produced kind of furniture that is typically made abroad and shipped in to the country. The sort of soulless furniture that is usually found will have a thousand replicas of itself floating around. Not so with Amish furniture. Each piece here, particularly Amish custom furniture is unique in itself. You can be sure that no one else has exactly the same thing that you had custom made for yourself.