5 Reasons How Gamification Can Beat the Conventional Training Methods

Training in an essential part of every business as it provides growth and learning opportunities to keep employees engaged for the greater good of the organization. However, ineffective training methods may cause more harm than good. According to research,er https://i9bet.trading/ ineffective training techniques can cause companies losses of up to $13.5 million a year per 1,000 employees. At the same time, one out of every three employees complain that uninspiring content during training acts a huge barrier to their learning process.


Evidently there is a need for developing highly engaging, effective and inspiring training programs that allow employees to reach their full potential. That’s where Gamification comes in. Gamification is the practice of incorporating game design techniques and mechanics in different contexts to make ser tasks more fun, engaging and rewarding. Gamifying the training experience is helping organizations improve employee satisfaction and retention by keeping them entertained and informed at the same time.