Fixing it with Hypnosis

It is used on a daily basis in literally millions of therapists offices around the world, working with all sorts of ‘human conditions’, including:

– Personal matters
– Emotional difficulties
– Psychological problems
– Many Physical problems
– Performance enhancement
– Sporting improvement
– Habit control
– Weight control
– Sleeping difficulties
– Relationship problems

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy has been around for probably more than 5000 years; it is now being Michael Emery
Michael J. Emery

recognised as a safe and effective tool to assist with a great many issues – in fact, is has been accepted by the British Medical Association as a valuable treatment methodology since 1955.

I am often asked how safe it is – well, I have conducted over 24,000 sessions in my career so far and have taught self hypnosis to hundreds of people. Nobody has complained yet… While it’s certainly not a ‘once size fits all’ type of therapy, it can help with a huge number of problems.

You can attend a practitioners office, or you can learn to hypnotise yourself – either way it’s totally safe. We’ll have a look at both methods – self hypnosis first.

Self Hypnosis
Self hypnosis is used on a daily basis by sportsmen and musicians, business people and artists, housewives, policemen, engineers, shop assistants… in fact it’s used by millions of people from all walks of life all over the globe!

Let’s dispel a few of the anxieties that some visitors might have… the following ‘rules’ are applicable to all types of hypnosis:

– You cannot ‘get stuck’ – this is quite impossible
– You do not become unconscious or go to sleep
– You know what’s happening at all times
– You can exit the state whenever you wish to
– You cannot ‘lose your mind’
– It is not connected in any shape or form with the occult
– There is no such thing as a ‘hypnotised feeling’